Our Beach at Moon Rise

Why does everything have to change? Flowers bloom and disappear quick as the sun sets in Aruba. People burst through the front door of our lives then sneak out the back without a second thought. Beloved dogs are puppies one day and arthritic the next. It’s hard to keep up!

My favorite place on the planet is right where I live with my husband and dogs on this rocky Washington beach. But, it’s changing just as rapidly as everything else. The sand is shifting, rising high up our bulk heads. Fall is in the air loud and clear and the water has become so cold it’s almost unswimmable. Almost.

Yet, that’s just the small potatoes. The big spud is “who’s living there now?” New people in the old places. Where did our friends go?  Where are the familiar families? How can we refer to “the Sater place” when Beware of Doug and Pat no longer live there?

It breaks my heart as it does so many of my neighbors. What a lovely couple and what an amazing family we’ve enjoyed for so many years. The house is stripped bare, an empty shell waiting for the new owner to come and fill it up, bring it back to life.

I hope they drink red wine while they barbecue out front, and water ski all summer long.  I hope they love to crab and go kayaking in the late afternoon and have parties and get to know everyone. I hope the new people realize they have some mighty big shoes to fill. And I hope Doug and Pat Sater know how much they will be missed.


Mary Ann




3 thoughts on “Changes

  1. You made me cry. Love you so much MaryAnn and Patrick. We will always have you and all our Tillicum Beach neighbors in our hearts. Pat

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