By The Light of the Moon


It was about midnight when the light of the moon woke me. A flashlight in my face wouldn’t have been brighter or more affective. We’d left the doors open to our bedroom deck because it had been so warm when we’d gone to bed about two hours earlier. At the time, I’d looked for the moon but couldn’t find it although an abundance of brilliant stars dotted the blanket of blackness overhead.  The street lights across the bay twinkled as if they too were stars fallen from heaven.

I heard something splash in the water, maybe a fish jumping, or a seal. The sound of the splash echoed off the still waters and a ripple traveled into the moon light.  Sweet salt water permeated the heavy air.  I’ve always thought if we could bottle that smell we’d make a fortune.

Moon light was cast all the way across the bay. In my mind I could see a ship slowly passing by or a whale gently breaching by the light of the moon. But nothing actually did. There was only stillness and deep quiet. Occasionally, a loon would call out and be answered by another far away. I saw something small stealthily flit through the air, most likely a bat. Nothing else stirred, not even the tiniest breeze.

Magic. Magic is what happens in the light of the moon. The challenges in my life are hard to define let alone remember when I gaze upon the universe in moonlight dotted with millions of twinkling stars. We are so small, so insignificant in view of it all.

Yet we are the most important, most valued and cherished in the eyes of God.  So, you think you’re something special? Well, you are!


Mary Ann

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