They are brilliant in color, graceful if flight, delicate and harmless. The flight of a butterfly catches the eye with the grace of a classical ballet as it flutters from flower to flower.

I watched a Monarch one day as it came through the forest following a small stream of mountain water melting off from the snow cap above. It’s decent was hard to follow as it flitted from place to place, landing for only seconds here and there. What must it be like to be a butterfly? To be so incredibly weightless as to get through life on the shirttail of a breeze and so beautiful to be compared only to the rarest of exquisite creations.

Ah, what a life. Yet, when you think about it, we are just as a butterfly is; unique, beautiful, rare. Right? Each of us flighty in mind if not in body, graceful in speech if not it walk, beautiful in our own minds if not in the eye of the beholder.  Between each of us and God, we are a butterfly.

He sees us as exquisite. He sees us as deserving of love beyond all and anything else. We, as human beings, are more in Gods eyes than the unfathomable beauty of the worlds most stunning butterfly.

Something to consider, don’t you think?


Mary Ann

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