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Hello Everyone!

UPS just delivered the first shipment of my latest novel, A Friend Like Frank, The Mischief Chronicles, Volume 1. The exciting part of being an author is the actual writing of the story. The gruesome part is the marketing which we all have to do these days. If only…. back in the day, publishers promoted new authors, the goal to make everyone a best seller. Yet, that promoting became expensive, and as time went by, publishers needed to tighten the belt and now put their money on the well known and already famous writers of our day.

So, how does a locally known, small town author get national attention? By working hard and selling as many books as possible on my own. By doing everything I can to expand beyond my neck of the woods. And, if I’m successful, a publisher may just decide to put some marketing money into my books some day and just see what happens! This is simply the way it is.

A Friend Like Frank is the first in The Mischief Chronicles, a three book series. It is a fun, romantic comedy full of lively characters you would love to be friends with. The second book, The Trouble with Tony, is ready and on it’s way to be published. It should be available in about eight weeks!  My books are available through Amazon.com, local independent bookstores, and through my web site, www.maryannhayes.com, where checks and credit cards are welcome and shipping is free!

Thank you for your support. I hope you enjoy A Friend Like Frank!


Mary Ann








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