Another 4th of July, Come and Gone

We pulled up logs and gathered around the camp fire, roasted marshmallows and anxiously waited for the big show to begin.  We were all very hopeful this years fireworks show would be the best ever.  Come to think of it, the 4th of July has always been one of those hopeful holidays.

Most of the time, the weather is questionable so we spend a lot of time with the weather channel, hoping for a favorable forecast.  We call traveling family and hope they’re safe and getting close enough to start the barbecue. Then we hope there is enough propane in the tank to cook all the burgers and hot dogs. We hope the corn on the cob is sweeter than last years.

Many of us hope everyone gets along and has a good time so they’ll want to come back again next year. Then we realize how many made it and we hope there’s enough food and beverages to last the weekend. We also hope for a reserve of energy to get us through the weekend without a breakdown. We hope the dogs don’t go too crazy. Did everyone with a dog bring a kennel?  I hope so!

Then we get a little uptight hoping no one gets hurt and no roofs catch fire. We kind of hope it all comes to an end pretty soon so we can hopefully relax!

We spend so much time hoping, we forget to celebrate Independence Day.

Independence from more than just Great Britain? Possibly.  I think there were a few collage kids who no doubt hope fall comes quickly so they can go back to their newly acquired independents. There were parents of grown kids happy for the independence of empty nesting, and toddlers celebrating the independence that comes with learning to walk. When you stop and think about it, as a society we value our independence in many ways although it all started with separating ourselves from a foreign country.  It’s something to think about when we consider how much we rely on, well…say…China or Venezuela and maybe Saudi Arabia.

Just a thought.


Mary Ann

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