A little space…

Beautiful sunset on Mt. Baker!
Beautiful sunset on Mt. Baker!

One would have to be living under a rock to avoid the assault of the holiday frenzy.  And what a frenzy it is! Merchants advertise repetitively, drilling their “must have” merchandise into our subconscious. Cinnamon, nutmeg, and eggnog hold hostage our sense of smell, all that glitters is gold, at least for now anyway, and don’t stupidly fall behind today’s cutting edge technology. You dinosaurs must keep up!

“Wake up people!” the economy screams. “It’s time to spend some money and do it with a smile on your face! Quit being so selfish. Your retirement can wait!”

I can’t even watch television anymore. It’s so sad. Does he really have to go to Jared’s for me to be happy? Am I going to be snubbed if I’m the only woman without an open heart from Kay Jewelers?

And seriously, how do they get that big red ribbon around that nice little Lexus parked in the driveway where snowflakes glisten and children listen, and the mom of the house, looking far too young, bounds out the custom front door of her million dollar home wearing mere cashmere while jangling the keys and blinding us with her white as snow teeth?

It’s exhausting. And don’t you find us to be an amazing society? I mean, how do we think of it all?  Where does all the energy come from and how did we get this way?

A little space between ourselves and the world is in order. Some quiet uninterrupted time to catch a breath, focus on family and friends, our health, happiness, and wellbeing.  A time to count our blessings, as cliché as it is, and there are many to count.

Don’t neglect to back away now and then, over the weeks to come. Regardless of what we’re being led to believe, it’s all right to actually enjoy the season by doing less. Christmas will still happen and right on time.


Mary Ann

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