The Wisdom Tree

Rebecca lay snuggled up to the trunk of the enormous old Oak, eyes closed, her breath as smooth as a satin ribbon. It had been far too long since she’d felt such peace, or rather, since she’d allowed such peace. It was as if she were bundled neatly in a cocoon as the wind whispered soothing words in her ears. She closed her eyes and deeply inhaled the fragrant air. The Oak was a towering giant with limbs stretching out in an all encompassing manner. His name was Your Highness. That’s what she’d named him the first time she made her way bravely through the meadow to climb into the branches and be held in his arms. She was the princess and he was Your Highness. He spoke to her as did the wind and the deep green fluttering leaves as they whipped together in the elements. She felt warmth radiating through her bones and goodness and truth at her fingertips. The bark of Your Highness was hard and grey with deep groves and ridges. Rebecca used to love working her small fingers into the grooves, making her feel attached. She smiled at how different and difficult it was with…

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