10 Things I Won’t Do in 2012

Making those New Year Resolutions year after year is ridiculous for someone like me. I’m like a dog on a race track; take the rabbit out of my site and I’ve nothing to keep me going. Same with the resolutions. The end result is so far down the road I either forget or give up before the end of January. This year I’m going to make a list of ten things I resolve not to do and stick with it. For example: I’m resolving not to go to bed without brushing my teeth no matter how tired I am. I do that sometimes and when you really think about it, that’s just disgusting. Another thing I’m resolving not to do is over eat to the point that my stomach hurts, like I did at Christmas. My stomach would have been much more comfortable if only I’d stopped at full. But Oh No!  I just had to push it to the limit – you know, when you have to unbutton your pants so you can breath. I figure I’ll lose a few pounds that way too. Another thing I’m not going to do is let anyone or anything stop me from…

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